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27. February 2020
С помощью высококачественных полиуретановых форм Intexmo бетонные изделия могут быть изготовлены с использованием натурального камня, кирпича, дерева и даже бумаги! CME недавно получил представление от этой компании. Посмотрите на досуге, какие ранее неизвестные...
27. February 2020
With the high quality polyurethane moulds from Intexmo, concrete products can be manufactured with the appearance of natural stone, brick, wood and even paper! CME recently obtained a representation from this company. View at your leisure which previously unknown possibilities are possible with this and download the catalog.
08. February 2019
Once every three years the biggest event in the concrete industry takes place and next spring is the time. At the Bauma2019 in Munich/D, from 8 till 14 April, about 3,000 exhibitors will show the latest developments in the concrete industry. One could wander there for weeks, but this time you don’t have…
01. August 2018
Предприятие Decomo SA из Мускрона на юге Бельгии неподалеку от французской границы занимается выпуском ЖБИ из архитектурного бетона. При проектировании и производстве архитектурного бетона решающим фактором был и остается человек. В компании Decomo в помощь человеку дана...
01. August 2018
The Decomo SA company, located in Mouscron near the French border in southern Belgium, produces precast elements in architectural concrete. People are and will be thedecisive factor in the design and manufacture of architectural concrete. At Decomo they are supported by an efficient production apparatus that is constantly optimised through new investments. After most recently optimizing the fabrication modernisation of the complete concrete production now stood on the agenda.
28. July 2016
Read this article in the important international business magazine, BFT International issue 08-2016, about Kniele Mixing Technology.
09. January 2016
Read this article in the important international business magazine, BFT International issue 09-2015, about CME and its partners.