Who we are

Our Businesses

We believe that our ability to serve clients in the selected markets with complete and/or modular solutions tailored to their special needs gives us a strong advantage in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive market.

We are sure to meet, with extraordinary targets given by our clients, the highest requirements in the market.

Our Strategy

We expect our expert advice and customer-oriented thinking will result in the highest possible return of investment for our customers.

Our Brand

The brand of CME, often in combination with our registered logo of LPI, is an expression of our client focused business approach in solving problems of making concrete from the beginning and our goal to become a long-lasting partner in many aspects as a relationship to our clients. Our qualified staffs act as an ambassador of the companies we represent.

Our History

In 1989 we started by researching markets and related products. Making selective choices, we found in many kinds the way of excellence for the concrete- and asphalt-industries and others. Before that time we got a big scope of practice and experience in marketing, sales, engineering and construction in different market-related disciplines. Special milestones may be mentioned as follows: In August 1989: Starting of marketing/product strategies in the field of products/systems and installations. In 2007: foundation of CME in CH-6300 Zug, in 2008: foundation of the AE-Holding CH-6300 Zug, both in Switzerland. In 2009: Integration of Niemeyer machineries for the concrete-industry (50% participation).

Our Partners

Our network and suppliers consists of high-specialized engineers, experienced mechanical/electrical technicians in the field of controls/commands and measurements and others. In that way, we are working in clusters, related to the client’s demands. Our clusters have an inner dynamic, focused on the given goals.